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Funding for EarthShare’s The Energy of One, The Power of Many Grant Program is provided by positiveNRG, NRG Energy’s charitable giving group. EarthShare holds complete autonomy in the positioning and selection of grant projects that receive funding, with the objective of fostering community-level conversations about how energy is used and sourced, and the impact of our energy choices on society and the environment.

By supporting grant projects that address equity, just transition, and job training, EarthShare is deploying funding from NRG to help advance a societal shift toward a renewable energy-based economy that is equitable, sustainable, and will ultimately improve lives and the health of our planet.

NRG Energy receives grant project impact and outcome reporting data. Public dissemination of grant project work, editorial, video, graphic material, and other results may be shared by EarthShare and NRG primarily through the Powering Choice Initiative website of which The Energy of One, The Power of Many Grant Program is a part.

As a leading integrated energy and home services company, NRG supports the adoption of clean and renewable energy solutions and recognizes the opportunity to build a more sustainable energy economy through a common cause or collective voice approach. NRG Energy has a goal of reducing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions 50% by 2025 and reaching net zero by 2050, from a 2014 baseline. Their industry-leading targets are validated as 1.5 degrees Celsius-aligned by the Science Based Targets initiative and NRG was the first power company in North America to receive this designation.

EarthShare's position

EarthShare amplifies impact by providing individuals, businesses, and nonprofits the inspiration and tools to create a more just and sustainable planet. For more than three decades EarthShare programs have welcomed new environmental advocates, streamlining and enhancing efforts to create positive change and building a growing movement of change makers, passionate businesses, and nonprofit innovators that will transform our future.

Comprised of the most well-respected and innovative nonprofits, EarthShare’s network tackles our planet’s greatest threats by offering solutions to combat climate change, environmental injustice, threatened food systems, at-risk ecosystems, and a multitude of other issues.

EarthShare supports a transition to clean, renewable, and equitable energy. EarthShare is conducting this program in Arizona, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to spur innovative approaches to public education and discourse around energy equity, advancements in renewables and energy efficiency, and the impact of our energy choices.

EarthShare's acceptance of NRG funding for this grant program does not imply any form of endorsement by EarthShare or its nonprofit partner organizations, nor does it imply any benefit received by any or all organizations specific to a funding opportunity.