Welcome to Powering Choice Initiative

The Energy of One, The Power of Many

An EarthShare Grant Program

Fostering grassroots conversations around energy

There is increasing recognition that a shift to a just and sustainable economy is needed to achieve a healthy future that affords equity and opportunity for all. The use of energy in our lives is a critical part of this – but the topic of energy can be complex.

The Energy of One, The Power of Many Grant Program seeks to fundamentally change the public conversation on energy. The grant fosters innovative approaches to engaging communities on the pervasive impact of energy in our everyday lives and on our environment, while demonstrating the importance and value of renewable energy choice, energy equity, and current innovation around renewables- making them affordable and competitive.

Grantee projects will promote and support public conversations about the impact of energy on our lives and the environment, including climate, air, water, and land. These projects will reach people at the community level to demonstrate the importance and value of energy choice, energy equity, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Using innovative approaches to education and outreach, grantee organizations will engage and empower communities in Arizona, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to advance understanding about renewable energy choice. Grantee organizations’ programs will be dedicated to educating community members about the impact their energy choices can have in supporting a cleaner energy future that improves lives and the health of our planet. The results of these projects will be shared as part of the Powering Choice Initiative, most notably via the Initiative website. The objective of the broader, public-facing Initiative is to promote energy choice through education, coalition building, public outreach, and as a connector to more comprehensive information about energy, universality of energy, equitable renewable energy, and energy choice.